BAGANUUR Soccer Hall of Fame

July 9, 2020
#KomatsuCup soccer tournament's Double Champion 🏆🏆, 🥉1 time Bronze medalist Baganuur JCS's team has established a 'Soccer Hall of Fame' at the mine site to promote soccer to younger generations and to contribute to the success of future athletes. 
To officiate this event the Adviser to the President of the Mongolian Football Federation Sh.Jargalsaikhan, owner of the Black Diamond Club of Baganuur district B.Erdenebayar, coach B.Zorig, CEO of Baganuur JSC E.Nominchuluun and representatives of #TranswestMongolia joined to cut ribbons at the opening ceremony.
We wish success to the #Baganuur team and all the miners and staff of #Baganuur Joint Stock Company, who love and cherish soccer, and wish them best of success in their #KomatsuCup football championship 🏆🏆🏆 !

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