Collaboration with Erdenes Mongol LLC

September 28, 2020

TranswestMongolia LLC supported and cooperated with #EMGL_WeAreOneTeam #Hackathon_DataCulture competition organized by Erdenes Mongol LLC aimed to empower the young professionals of its daughter and affiliated companies and to introduce the importance of data.

More than 70 young professionals from 13 teams participated in the competition. Our company presented gift bags to the members of the three teams who presented new solutions on many important topics, such as analyzing the procurement process of owned companies as well as improving overall productivity.
The competition, the first of its kind in Mongolia, sets a new standard for increasing youth participation in decision-making and is a significant contribution to the future of the mining sector and the industry. 
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 We wish the young people of 11 companies affiliated with Erdenes Mongol LLC to make a valuable contribution to the mining sector by being the leaders in their innovative solutions!

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