Uncompromising Quality and Performance

Uncompromising Quality and Performance

Transwest offers undercarriage and undercarriage components for most makes and models and can fully support your undercarriage needs.

  • Undercarriage and components are stocked at Transwest Mongolia's PARTS warehouse in UB
  • We can help you better manage your undercarriage maintenance and minimize replacement costs with our Track Management System and regular undercarriage inspections
  • Track presses, available at Transwest Mongolia UB service center can repair your undercarriage or perform a pin and bushing turn by cost-effectively replacing only parts which need to be replaced
  • OEM and all-makes undercarriage are covered by manufacturer’s warranty

OEM Undercarriage

  • Quality OEM products
  • Competitively priced options for all Komatsu Equipment
  • Komatsu Track Management System

All-makes Undercarriage

  • Consistent high-quality material
  • In-house forging and heat treatment
  • Same warranty as Komatsu OEM undercarriage and components
Transwest Mongolia LLC is the official Komatsu dealer and supports all your Komatsu equipment. The exclusive dealership agreement authorizes Transwest to represent Komatsu Ltd. on all equipment sales, parts supply and provision of all aftermarket services offered by Komatsu Ltd. With this support, Transwest brings you practical management approach to ensure you achieve best performance and durability from undercarriage components.


Transwest is proud to represent BERCO brand in Mongolia. For 100 years, BERCO has developed tailor-made undercarriage solutions for all types of heavy machinery. Berco is proud to do their forging the Italian way, with high quality ingredients, the best recipes and a lot of passion. BERCO's piece of art quality products are made for those who value their results with safety, quality and high performance across a wide range of applications.


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