Optimum Fleet Recommendation (OFR)

Optimum Fleet Recommendation (OFR)

Transwest Mongolia’s Optimal Fleet Recommendation (OFR) service, provided through our Technical Services Department, is designed to maximize the performance of your equipment based on individual customer requirements. With guidance from our experienced team, you not only buy the right machine for the right job, but your equipment works to maximum capacity – resulting in higher job efficiency, increased production and optimal component life.

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Telematics for Mining

Telematics for Mining

Access all data, trends, fault codes and payload information at your fingertips, with no extra costs.

KOMTRAX Plus for mining equipment is Komatsu’s remote equipment health monitoring system, allowing mine operators to track equipment performance over time and configure analytics capable of alerting you on equipment issues. 

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Autonomous Haulage Systems

Autonomous Haulage Systems

Run multiple autonomous trucks of all sizes within the same system. Soon, you’ll be able to manage a manned and unmanned fleet working in the same pit and add the PC7000 tele-remote shovel to further automate your system.
Our world-class Autonomous Program Team is ready to work with you and identify areas where Smart Technologies improve productivity and efficiency. With you, we can tailor the optimum solution, covering all aspects of AHS implementation.

Most importantly, you’re not left to manage the technology on your own – we support your mine every step of the way. 

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Make Your Operations Safer and More Efficient

Computer-controlled driverless vehicles and new technology are introducing a revolutionary level of control sophistication unmatched in the industry and you can be part of it.

Assist your operators with efficient spotting technology for shovels and trucks, and safety enhancements such as obstacle detection and collision avoidance.

Do the same amount of work with less equipment while freeing up staff for other jobs. And, reduce your maintenance costs by up to ten per cent; boosted by a potential 40 per cent increase in tire life.
Collision Avoidance

Collision Avoidance

Protection of mine site equipment, infrastructure, and personnel is a major requirement on mine sites and presents great demands on collision awareness solutions. The avoidance of mine site accidents demands a combination of technologies to assist operators and reduce risk. Collision awareness and assistance technology must be able to also warn of these risks.

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