Getting every job done on time and under budget: what’s holding you back?

Getting every job done on time and under budget: what’s holding you back?

You’re committed to a strict timeline and budget for every construction project you take on, and your future hinges on your reputation and performance. Late completions and cost overruns have no place in the construction business.

Build a leading position in the industry with Transwest Mongolia

Transwest Mongolia offers only world-renowned brand names such as Komatsu, HENSLEY, BERCO, BLACK CAT BLADES, PATRIA and FSI. Meeting the highest standards of reliability and productivity; complemented by a select range of custom attachments. Why settle for less? Your projects are first-class and deserve the quality and dependability of top-of-the-line equipment—from dozers and excavators to wheeled loaders and articulated trucks and more—with flexible warranty options. And your unique needs in today’s fast-paced market are defined by your feedback: we listen to our customers. 

Want to save 31 hours of construction time each month? And eliminate the need for a dozer? With conventional construction, material needs to be moved twice – first by a dozer, then by an excavator. With intelligent Machine Control technology integrated into your smart construction solutions, materials only need to be moved once. Ask us about Komatsu intelligent excavators and dozers that offer a fully integrated 3D GNSS system, making every pass count.

Your budget is as critical as your project. You need choices to head off potential cost overruns. We work with you to determine and provide the most flexible options. We work with some of the top financing institutes such as TDB Leasing, Xac Leasing and DBM Leasing. 

There’s more to meeting job deadlines than having the best equipment supplier—small things can become large headaches. With on-site field solutions on call, you’ll never have worry about unproductive downtime. No location is too remote; no equipment is impossible to repair. From small maintenance repairs to complete machine overhauls, Transwest’s certified technicians employ the latest technologies and are always ready.

A guaranteed fixed long-term maintenance cost will assure you peace of mind and free you to effectively concentrate on your projects and business. The agreement allows you to have a predetermined forecast operating cost on your machine fleet over a set period. And with new technologies emerging every year, the equipment we service and sell is both more complex and more efficient. We make large investments in our people to keep them well-trained and up to date.

Achieving every day savings frees up capital and operating expenses you can apply to your other business requirements, like upgrading maintenance facilities, sprucing up your image, or bettering your employees’ benefits and compensation. And you can confidently provide winning bids.

Elevate your reputation for meeting every job deadline under budget by developing a personal relationship with an Transwest representative—we’re proven and we’re ready.

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