Mining a partnership that's full-service, on-site and experienced

Mining a partnership that's full-service, on-site and experienced

Whether you’re greenfield, brownfield, or fully operational, you know the value of consistent and focused attention from a top equipment dealer. Especially at remote sites when you can’t afford to wait for technical support or a vital machine part. 

Mining operations are increasingly complex with deployments in challenging remote locations. What would it mean to your business having a full-service dealer right at your site? 

When you partner with Transwest, you get the whole package, no matter how remote your site is:

As a mine operator, you’ve seen how small issues can quickly become big headaches. With field solutions on site or on call, worries about unproductive downtime are taken off your shoulders. Wherever you are - and no location is too remote – your equipment can be serviced or repaired. From small maintenance repairs to complete machine overhauls, Transwest Mongolia’s certified technicians employ the latest technologies and are always ready.

When you move into a new area it can be difficult to find the highly skilled people you require. We can help. Our remote mining division staffs a highly mobile workforce that’s available immediately so you have the expertise as you require it. On site, we provide cross training; side by side with our technicians. 

And we strategically locate parts to keep your costs down using a multi-stage philosophy: if it’s a fast-moving part you need immediately we’ll have it on site. 

Your mining projects are first-class and deserve the quality and dependability of the latest top-of-the-line equipment—from haul trucks and dozers to loaders and more—with flexible warranty options. Transwest Mongolia offers only world-renowned brand names that meet the highest standards of reliability and productivity; complemented by a select range of custom attachments. 

Your unique needs in today’s rapidly advancing mining technology are defined by your feedback: we have implementation experience and we listen to our customers. 

Want to increase productivity of operations while making them safer and more efficient? You can. Computer-controlled driverless vehicles are introducing a revolutionary level of control sophistication unmatched in the industry and you can be part of it. And ask us about Komatsu intelligent excavators and dozers that offer a fully integrated 3D GNSS system that makes every pass count. 

Capital tight? We understand your struggle and can help. Whatever phase of operations you’re in, your needs can be met with our customized financing. We work with som of the top financing institutes in country such as TDB Leasing, Xac Leasing and DMB Leasing to provide you with the best suitabe financing options.  

Your mine is unique - your maintenance plan will be too.  We offer guaranteed long-term maintenance programs that are completely customized for your operation. From administration to project management, trades to technical support, or maintenance planning to inventory management, we have the experience and expertise to support your specific requirements.  Ask your representative for details.
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