KOMTRAX PLUS for Mining Machines

KOMTRAX PLUS for Mining Machines

KOMTRAX Plus for mining equipment is Komatsu’s remote equipment health monitoring system, allowing mine operators to track equipment performance over time and configure analytics capable of alerting you on equipment issues.


Have access to ALL DATA, TRENDS, FAULT CODES & PAYLOAD information at your fingertips, with no extra costs. See the data and predict equipment problems before any real symptoms are showing - and most importantly - before it causes any downtime. That’s what having access to equipment data such as engine temperatures, pressures,  fault codes, and predictive analytics - triggered in near real-time - can do for you! Also, manage equipment payload with Payload Reports sent daily.

Best part of all, KOMTRAX Plus has no subscription fees, it is completely free for the life of the machine!

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New and Improved Features

Komatsu standardized KOMTRAX Plus in 2007 for all mining size machines. All machines are now delivered with all the telematics sensors and technology built in at the factory. This is the Komatsu commitment to ensuring you have access to the real-time equipment data to prevent major failures and to increase fleet uptime.

Having a strong equipment health monitoring system allows for vast amounts of equipment data to be collected and converted into actionable information:

  • Trends for quick and efficient ways to monitor overall health of the machine
  • Payload for production data
  • Fault Codes to know when your machine requires immediate or scheduled maintenance activities
  • Easily configured analytics to inform you when intervention is required
No Matter How Remote, KOMTRAX Plus Will Report Data

No Matter How Remote, KOMTRAX Plus Will Report Data

All KOMTRAX Plus machine communicate via satellite, making it possible to report data even in the most remote areas of the world.